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"Hardball" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - June 25, 2017

Received via email at 10:34 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles We're on an hour by hour trigger starting @ 4pm EDT today. Milita...

Sunday, June 25, 2017

"Transaction, Yes or No" by (Anonymous) - 6.25.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 4:23 PM EDT on June 25, 2017

"Transition, Transaction, Transformation" by John - 6.25.17

I always love to comment to inspiring posts.

Im talking about myself now.

I have concern that Im now transitioned or transformed,but still long way ahead with fluid events ahead for me to solve and adjust myself acording what God would want.

My concern is that transaction.
Decisions made being polluted by money(mamon) will be way different.
Its like refining silver and constantly adding great polution to it.

What to do then.To have clean silver all polution must go away.

I think transaction will put me down.
When I will take money it will be bad
Whem I will dont take money,but will do decisions,I will be polluted by power.
If I will dont take money and power(decisions) it will be much clearer refining proces without considerable adding of constant polution.

Maybe when silver will be refined to .999.,cooled down,formed.
And when it comes to polution (power and money)after cooling down,it will be just on it(easy to clean with cloth) but inside,the form will remain. .999

The question is if this analyzis is correct,I mean if I will not polute myself.
Surely poluting during unfinished refining will make me still unfit.
Question is when and how one know when Im ready,refined,resistant,remain clean.

Maybe testing if Im .999 quality would be handy.

Maybe I didnt elaborate this enough but you know what I mean

"Regarding Another Delay to the GCR/RV" by Daniel - 6.25.17

Entry Submitted by Daniel at 3:31 PM EDT on June 25, 2017

To the NPTB, esteemed Elders, revered galactics,

If I may be so bold and temp being irreverent,

with your decision to once again give in to the delay tactics of proven liars, cheats and thieves, this does not bode well for humanity's future. Your indecisive and seemingly cavalier handling of this blessed event makes me doubt your abilities in bringing it to a timely conclusion.

I have fought for this event for more years than I care to remember. I have gained the patience, wisdom and clarity few others I have met can even dream about. There is a time to sow and to reap, a time to hold and to let go. It is time to move forward, waiting is for cowards, being made a fool of serves no man.

So it is with much sadness and heavy heart that I draw my line in the sand.

It is not about being ungrateful to you or untrusting in "the plan".

It is perhaps, you who have been chosen to be the implementers have failed to remember that if you hold out a juicy bone to a starving puppy dog and keep pulling it away from his reach he will either walk away or rise up and bite your hand.

These delays hurt only those promised to benefit from it's benevolence. Thousands will die from hunger during this delay, thousands will go homeless. All so rich men can play in their sand box of oil.

Come July 5th, if we, my community of currency holders hasn't exchanged ,then I will not "bite " but simply walk away. I would not want to be part of this embarrassing ineptitude. My new reality is one of love and compassion not indulging the whims of greedy oil sheiks. I have work to do here and I will find a way to accomplish that mission with or without your help.Empty promises are all too familiar to beaten down dogs, I am not a dog, I am that I am. Time to remember who you are and why you are here now.


"Time, Relativity & Perspective" by Lesley - 6.25.17

Entry Submitted by Lesley at 3:25 PM EDT on June 25, 2017

Time, Relativity and Perspective:

It's funny how so much emphasis is given by so many to "now". The "present" moment is actually one of the most shortest time periods of your existence when you think about it. Like right now, the previous use of the word "now" that I used prior to this sentence just that fast is "now" a thing of the past just that fast. Blink.. gone... now a past reference as this posting continues.

It's also funny to me how so many are so fast to tell you that the past is irrelevant, yet no matter what age you presently are... most of your life's experiences in this present form are "behind" you in that very same past. It's everything that you are right up to this very moment.

You may attend an institute of higher learning and obtain a degree while yet.... what you learned and the degree you obtained are all in the past, they have the potential to change your entire future. Your endeavors and past achievements will constantly be the reference point for your educational excellence. You can't talk about things that you haven't done yet from a position of experience.

Then there are those who will constantly discount the future by saying it doesn't exist because it hasn't happened yet. While it is said that tomorrow isn't promised to anybody... yet for somebody.. tomorrow will definitely arrive in a completely unstoppable way.

No matter how many times man has tried to stop it, tomorrow arrives for somebody completely on its own whether they like it or not.

So what is tomorrow made of? Just what does tomorrow hold?

The most mysterious and intriguing thing about tomorrow is that we don't really know. Now for some that's terrifying. For others it's exciting.

Tomorrow will consist of the results of those that proactively made preparations for positive progressive changes in the expectation of moving forward and it will also consist of everything that you didn't do in the anticipation of it just being reactionary.

Tomorrow will consist of the fulfillment of ones hopes and dreams, the arrivals of the fruits and blessings of ones prayers and manifestations. Those proactively seeking to imagine and therefore create a better tomorrow.

Tomorrow will consist of everything that you didn't do, because you didn't believe in tomorrow. Tomorrow will bring you the results of everything that you didn't do, but yet what the rest of the world did do while you did nothing.

That's the liability of focusing on only "now".., it makes no preparation nor consideration for tomorrow because you're too preoccupied in this present moment with no hope for tomorrow.

Focusing on now is no hope for tomorrow. There's no imagining thus creating a better tomorrow.. why? Because right now is the focus. No preparation for tomorrow because tomorrow doesn't cross your mind being preoccupied with right now.

It's as if focusing on now... turns off your imagination to be proactive in the imagining and therefore creation of your tomorrow.

While I have an appreciation for the past, present and future.. I consider these as one event in reference to importance, they are not three separate things. Just as a father, mother and child are a family. Three separate identities.. three different roles perhaps, but all one family.

I consider humanity in the same way. No matter your ethnicity or culture, geographical location in the world inside you're all spirits to me. The exact same thing that I am inside. Not one of you any greater nor any lesser than I am, not greater nor lesser than each other. It's insanity to me to ever think otherwise.

Yes a tree shall be known by its fruit, just as our thoughts, words and actions say a lot about our character, personalities and spiritual polarities may and do vary.. but again all are equal as they all originated from Source, The Creator of all things.

What will your spirit imagine for tomorrow, what will you create to manifest the positive changes, the progressive changes to make this world a better place to be tomorrow?

Use what you have learned from your past experiences as a reference of what to do and what not to do.

Use the knowledge and resources that you have obtained up until this very moment to work and to apply to a positive change with tomorrow in mind. If you don't like the way things are done today what are you going to do to change it so it doesn't happen again tomorrow?

Utilize your full existence and experiences, not just one present moment. You are the sum of all of your experiences, everything that you went through. Maximize it all and own everything that you are and everything that you are not. Whatever that is? Wherever you find yourself ? It's ok... it's your experience to learn and grow from.

Never validate someone's criticism of you by their judgement of you by experiences that you paid the cost for. This is your life and your experiences.

I am only giving you things to consider.. sharing my perspective in hopes to broaden all our perspectives and to better our perceptions as we navigate through this journey of life.

I love you all..


"What you May be Experiencing Now" by One Who Teaches - 6.25.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Teaches at 3:21 PM EDT on June 25, 2017

The Starseeds & Lightworkers may be feeling very "OFF" even depressed or veryemotional right now. You may feel it hard to relate to people, or that you need to stand back or withdrawal from society, friends,& the social parts of internet. We began going thru a SHIFT around Easter to upgrade our Frequency/Vibrations which is truly a Monumental Transitional Period. It happens when our souls are ready for the next part of its journey. Usually before and during the shift, events will happen that make us want to take a step back from the world & our path and purpose may feel as though they have vanished along with our good moods, higher vibes & clarity. It makes us question everything we've done so far and if we are as far on the path as we thought we were. Even the old doubts can creep in when our empathetic & Intuitive abilities seem off as well. Basically everything including psychic abilities will get shut down. This happens because our energetic system is being completely overhauled to increase our frequency levels & connections. We are the "Conduits" for Mother Earth , we buffer the higher energies thru our unique filters & then anchor the energies deep within her to help her. Many of us are Gridworkers & Gatekeepers, working while the body sleeps only to wake up with no memory of our Spiritual/Energetic work!!

Soon our memories will return about our work & previous life or lives, and we will be more focused than ever on our Spiritual Mission & Purpose. We will be doing the work our Soul Intended as we merge more with our Higher soul self. We are each very gifted, with various abilities we learned during other lifetimes, in other dimensions, on other planets,and we will be reconnecting with some or all of those to use in the New Earth in service to others and Mother Earth. Being a Powerful Higher Being of light we must embrace the TRUTH of who we really are and that we came here to help. We can NOT let self doubts of whether we or our abilities are good enough,& we can NOT be afraid to share our gifts. We must cultivate Self Worth, Confidence and Courage. We must know that we were given these gifts because only we can bring them to the world the way that we do! We all have equally important , yet different roles to play in the Cosmic Plan. We have been "conditioned" to look to the physical world for confirmation of our value/worth, questioning if we are good enough, wanted & needed We want he world to tell us we are of value & it wants what we have, but our value & worth can NOT come from the outside world, it MUST come from within ourselves. It comes from us knowing we are a part of the Creator, not what we do or how we behave even. It is time we embrace this and know in every moment( without a shadow of doubt)of our Infinite existence, we are a being that is fully accepted, unconditionally loved and completely deserving of living a life in a way that harmonizes with All Existence.

Some of the physical symptoms you may feel is Aches & Pains in old injuries or muscles, Soreness, missing time, memory issues, emotional issues and various strange symptoms in the chakra areas. (Example: HEART CHAKRA may cause Heartburn, fluttering feeling, palpitations) . if we resist the process as it now unfolds, the longer we will remain locked in the "pain blueprint", for the old 3D construct taught us well how to disconnect from pain (physical & emotional) and that is how it often has remained deep within, unacknowledged but still working to structure our life experience. This MUST be allowed to reveal itself, do NOT go looking for it as it will only hide again. Simply let ALL you feel coming up to just flow and become fluid. For we are moving a place where all flows very fluid like. Having forgiveness of self is so vital now. We will get thru this transition and when we begin to look around and realize that although things look similar they sure do not FEEL the same! It will become more & more obvious, as those of us who have come to take a human form begin to" thaw" move & shift in TRUTH (5D) All will then have Clarity of Vision, and Depth of Experience beyond anything we have ever experienced before. This is coming NOW! Remember LOVE is the answer, no matter the Question.

Love & Light

by OneWhoTeaches

"Re: Hardball" by LD - 6.25.17

Entry Submitted by LD at 2:30 PM EDT on June 25, 2017

"Hardball" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - June 25, 2017

Greetings Love and Light to All!

Far as I know they can lock countries out of this - til they get there heads out of there___ (fill in the blank). It is to bad the people of the country are not informed about the blessing that is waiting on them. I myself believe no one has the right to stop or interfere with this blessing, other than the ones who have created it. I realize if the nation's people knew about the GCR there could be a currency run, I also realize this is trying to be done without killing people. A big impact will be made on all nations once this starts and I can assure you if the Saudi people hear of all these other countries being rebuilt an poverty being removed and people are free, and nothing is happening there for them in saudi, they will speak up AND QUICK! Talk about salem witch trials! It needs to go before people decide they are tired of waiting on it " AND REAL CHAOS BEGINS " . Dont get me wrong I know there is chaos almost everywhere, so PLEASE, PLEASE, release this so we can turn this rock around. The longer we wait the worse it gets, the only good thing is that there are some very patient people in this world or it would be much worse than it is. We are all about to cross a thresh hold we have never crossed, and remember the world (in the long run) will not care who saved it and brought them freedom, they will just be glad SOMEONE did. The quiet behind the scene HEROES create HOPE and allow people to decide where it came from. We have a huge mission ahead and the world is counting on us (even though most of them have no clue). If your heart is not open yet, soon it will be, and then you will realize all the love that you have hidden away. And when you let it out, it is going to hurt, but for a change it will be the good kind of hurt. LOVE IS FREE - SHARE IT - CHANGE THE WORLD! Love you all - may the light shine the way for all of you! ......LD

"How You Change People" by TPAO - 6.25.17

Entry Submitted by TPAO at 1:34 PM EDT on June 25, 2017

As peace prevails, bliss! It is useful after an experience to look at the mechanics of the situation. How it works. What we are able to do and what we are called to do in this NOW moment. Joyfully.

Such a delight to have some humour return with the Lightness and sheer power of Love that reigns supreme. Garret Johns piece below, How you Change People, is a wonderful explanation of what happens, what we are doing, all the time.

Was listening to Magenta Pixies latest as I drove back down to Wiltshire from Edinburgh yesterday. The English countryside just gorgeous at this time of year.

In the message from the Nine, at the eight minute mark there is a message to the dark ones about exiting the game now because the quarantine has lifted with the equinox and the process of the lifting of the veils well and truly underway. There is no return. Game over.

Then at the 17 minute mark a message to us the Light Workers. Specifically:

"Do all that you can to prevent the turning of Man against Man. Do all that you can to reunite the brothers and the sisters of the world you call Gaia.”

easy and further along:

Forgiveness and love are the tools required for dissolution of the process of the veils.”

Those stoking vengeance and hate evidence themselves, like a cry for help which really makes it so easy to know where to direct that Light and Love, though it is Intelligent and knows where to go anyway. Simply being a conduit is enough and such a pleasure at the same time. That is the beauty of it and something I find ever increasingly easy to do.

And then Garret John explains the mechanics so eloquently and in a way that inspires with this very powerful few minutes. We can choose, it is entirely up to us.


Much Love


"Listening and Waiting" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts/News


I'm just listening and waiting for my exchange info. Must be getting close with all that is happening!

It Is!!! My Friend, It Is... :-)

Very Quiet right now... A Very Good Thing...

Reuters: Mosul celebrates first Eid without Islamic State in years
@Iraqi_Day #BREAKING #Iraqi forces are now giving #ISIS militants in #Mosul Old city the last chance is to surrender or die. COMPLETE VICTORY SOON.



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