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Featured Post

"Cookies" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - September 25, 2017

Received via email for publication at 11:11 AM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles Without getting everyone overly excited, last night at midnight M...

Monday, September 25, 2017

"Dear Pentagon" by Leo - 9.25.17

Entry Submitted by Leo at 6:46 PM EDT on September 25, 2017

Dear Pentagon: I'm glad You released bank contact information to your respective institutional board leadership contact teams, because the Republic who was going to release the RV has been outed.

Since Anna Von Reitz Unmasks Ryan, Rothschild & Some dishonest Generals who are trying to pull off a "restored Republic" when It's hard to restore something that never existed in the first place.

Now we start this week hype with a new sponsor, and I hope the Pentagon is aware of the responsibility that it has being awarded, because is possible that they have the muscle to make the RV happen this week.

Now this week I'm getting ready to start climbing the next summit of the roller coaster and at the same time preparing for the fast drop next Sunday, hoping to see the RV done when I reach the bottom of it.

Best Regards


"Update: Florida Family in Need" by BODI - 9.25.17

Entry Submitted by BODI at 6:16 PM EDT on September 25, 2017

Blessings & Love to Everyone,

I would like to first say thank you for all the people that have assisted with this endeavor. People helping People is what it's all about!!

The campaign is continuing as a bit more assistance is needed. Every dollar matters and is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart for all of your assistance.


PS. From all my sources I am only hearing great things and I truly believe we are there....Keep the positive vibes going strong. Remember, most people's prayers go unanswered as they give up right when God was ready to ANSWER and GRANT their prayer request.

"Re: Large Parts of America Left Behind" by Sharon - 9.25.17

Entry Submitted by Sharon at 6:08 PM EDT on September 25, 2017

Large Parts of America Left Behind by Today's Economy

Thank you thank you thank you to the non-profit research and advocacy organization who developed the Economic innovation Group Distressed Communities index report that was just posted. Prior to 2011 I spent many years researching this globally and here in the the US. Even in Grad School which lead me to build my company and post my dream solution organization on Graf school blogs, my company project development page and humanitarian mission statement. It has been my passion to bridge the gap between communities without resources that have fallen below economic standard having their youth either leave their communities to the big cities or survive in substandard conditions. In 2015 I desperately started seeking financial support to make my passion, calling, company, a reality and find a team to help me. Hence my Twitter quote " Too determined to be defeated " I continued to pray for help and seek investors. I was introduced to currency investment only as a collectors item and had no idea its true value until some unusual circumstances happened in my life September 2016. If it wasn't for the White Hats and God sending His people to protect and guide me through a crash course of what it means to surrender and humble yourself totally through out this journey I would have never connected the dots of my past to this present day of blessing.

Seeing this report posted on D.C. bring tears of joy to my eyes and excitement to my heart know that God heard my prayers and did confirm through a number of sources that while I grew spiritually He was working preparing the logistics for my life long dream and calling to manifest.

It's almost as if this research organization continued my research where I left off in 2011 and updated the data to more current information.

Whatever the case I am so thankful it was posted and thankful to D.C. Community for helping me become a totally humble loving vessel ready to begin my passion, dream, calling, commission, life long desire, and vision.

Thank you Patrick and D.C. Community for getting me through this journey, encouraging me with your posts when things got rough, inspiring me to keep pressing on and moving up to levels I never thought I could reach!

Bless you all!


Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Mon. Afternoon - 9.25.17

This is compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Monday Afternoon, September 25, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Another Note: Arrangement of Guest Posts is top to bottom. Each newly added Guest Post will be at the top rather than at the bottom. ~ Dinar Chronicles


"Re: To Anonymous"

Entry Submitted by Vee at 5:02 PM EDT on September 25, 2017

"To Anonymous" by GK - 9.25.17

Have you not read the posting from Chief R. Hoss Jones Jr. "To the Assumed Elders...etal "
It is exactly what you are referring to.

He has shown what has already been accomplished and to what Anna Von can implement .. or..
He explains exactly the implementing foundation of America - united States law ..SMJ.

Only one Grateful Gal has given any credence , acknowledgement to it.

start here .. it goes up to 7 postings

"To Assumed Elders - etal... Let me Help" by J Hoss Jones Jr. - 9.11.17

"To Intel Providers"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:43 PM EDT on September 25, 2017

To Intel Providers,

Thanks for the effort you all do in order to keep us informed.

Since, many things have changed in the latest months in regard the procedures to exchange; I've been wondering about how the currency holders that live in other countries and are not americans (not born in USA) are going to exchange. A few months ago some intel providers gave clearance to that question but, now we again are full of doubts. The intel provided in this website relates to USA, but nobody mentions other countries. I've not been able to find other currency holders in my country, and apparently there are no sites or other sourcers similar to this to where people can go for information on exchange.

Could any of you give us some light?

"Re: Ben Fulford's latest intel" by Sierra - 9.25.17

Entry Submitted by Sierra at 5:21 PM EDT on September 25, 2017

I don't always agree with Ben but I am right on board with his latest intel:
"Trump Becomes Obump with Zionist Meltdown at UN" - Fulford Report - 9.25.17

The majority of intelligent people on this planet know that Trump declaring war on North Korea is absolute madness - the other world leaders want peace. That was the purpose of the UN meeting. John Kelly's body language says it all.

New Zealander Jeremy Waldron is a New York University law professor and has lived in USA for forty years. He describes himself as 'a self-confessed Trump failure addict'. He said, 'I found I was getting withdrawal symptoms if I wasn't getting the hit of anti-Trumpism every night.'

He also said, 'There is a simmering potential for violence regarding the current US political climate' (quotes from NZ Listener).

Does anyone seriously believe that this situation can continue much longer? Of course it can't. We are eye-balling Trump's implosion, hopefully within days. And that sensational move will be the trigger for the next major domino to fall.

I remain convinced that we are still on track. All the geo-political signs point to it, and the channeled messages are encouraging. We are steadily progressing, and the finish-line is upon us - whether it is hours, days or at the latest weeks.

Keep the faith and keep smiling, DC family. We are already victorious on the continuum outside of space and time.

Love and Light


"People of Earth" - Soft Disclosure Update - 9.25.17

"Process Going Forth" - Mon. PM TNT Thoughts




Just my own thoughts... what did they always say they wanted when its RV time? troops taking care of secirty, borders closed... many celebrations inside Iraq, etc etc... what are reading? all these things are happening... Barzanim Abadi, Sasdr, US, other countries, IMF, CBI WB have all met a lot these last few weeks... they know exactly what they are doing


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