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Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 22, 2017

Operation Disclosure https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/ RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - October 22, 2017 ALL IS QUIET. DISCLOSURES ...

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 22, 2017

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - October 22, 2017








Young Lightworkers Channel - Universal Mother via Mary Carbaugh 10-18-17

Published on Oct 22, 2017

Greetings, my beloved children, my sweet daughters, and to whom all this energy goes out tonight! I am the Mother, Universal Mother, one with the Father and one with All That Is, and I come to remind you, indeed I come so that you may feel my energy and understand that we are all one and that everything, dear ones, exists within you and that there is no separation.

It is time for you to understand, to feel and comprehend on every level that the universe exists within you. It is time for you to wake up, to truly perceive reality, to break down the barriers, break down the wall, see beyond the veil that has been placed upon you, to activate your true essence, to ignite and unleash your abilities and your understandings.

Much is being given to you at this time. Greater knowledge, wisdom, and understanding is being brought to you that you may fully comprehend.

It seems to you that this information comes in slowly, a trickle at a time, and so it does. But as these droplets come to you, they, like water over time, melt the rock.

And so these drops of information slowly erode the barriers, the wall, the veil, eliminating that which holds you back and opening you to the true reality, the understanding of what it is you truly are and what you are capable of. It is time to do this; it is time to see and understand and feel who it is you truly are!

"Lessons from the GCR" - GCR/RV Community Thought - 10.22.17

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Sun. Afternoon - 10.22.17

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"Riding your Flow"

Entry Submitted by One of the Lightworkers at 3:34 PM EDT on October 22, 2017

Sharing the following article, which resonates on many levels, personally, with IDC family and human angels everywhere, for this planet and beyond.


Through God's inspirations, guidance, graces and blessings; positive thoughts/intentions, words, and deeds; individual and group planning, projects, and efforts, may everyone experience "flow", now and forever more. Let us be and do "to infinity, and beyond"!!!

Peace, light, love, grace, gratitude, sunshine, smiles, hugs to all!

One of the Lightworkers

"Science, Source and the Great Transition" by Restive Sage - 10.22.17

Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 2:28 PM EDT on October 22, 2017

Have you ever wondered why a scientist like Albert Einstein would make reference to God in his speech and writings. You've seen the old pictures. A great mind tips his hat and softly smiles. Is there not a dichotomy of thought patterns being revealed? A great mind admits he knows humility? We wonder what he knows. And he is by no means the only great scientist to reference the same. One thing is certain, I think: invoking the name of God links you to God.

Einstein said: God does not play dice with the Universe. In the chaos of what we all now can see in the Hubble deep space photographs and all that we have yet to learn, he somehow in an earlier time perceived a sense of divine order. A masterful source intelligence. He felt no compunction to debate or prove his statement. He seems to have believed that it was self-evident.

Maybe he was just being honest. Does the mystery of it all block the quest for achievement. Maybe the more you explore the higher levels of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, the more you begin to see that you have latched on to merely the first few rungs of a golden ladder. A ladder that stretches high and far into the firmament. Stretches as far as the eye can see. A ladder that eventually leaves our solar system. And then the Milky Way galaxy itself. Humbling to say the least. So, how amid the chaos do you gain a sense of a Source that is infinitely more intelligent and more precise than the human mind can fathom. Why do we gravitate to the tiny sense of order that stems from the paltry little experiment we just devised and tested in the university lab.

If you conceive the greatness of God, are you less a great scientist? Or is it the other way around. The inspiration that drives the great scientist and inspires all of his best gains comes in fact FROM God. Spiritual racial memory. We all know the answer in our hearts: to worship Science is to worship a false God. And yet, it is to Science that we instinctively turn to make our world better. Are we not a restive Builder Race. Given some breathing space between wars, do we not advance our lives. To better understand Science, must we move away from the faith we have in God?

No, not at all. We finally and inevitably learn that Science and God are actually the same thing.

The more you learn, the more you expand your mind, your sense of perception. Microscopes and telescopes. Binary code. The more you begin to touch upon the chaos that is the seeming overriding pattern of the universe, the sense that there is an etherium more to learn about prevails.. It tends to overwhelm. Galaxies formed of thousands of stars, each with its own cadre of planets and comets. Massive asteroid belts larger than our solar system, the remnants of tens of hundreds of great collisions. Quasars. Black holes. And that is just the part of the universe that we can see within the spectrum of visible light.- our eyes being the first great limitation of man.

Some would say, a scientist is not a real scientist unless he or she is also an atheist. Or even if you are not an atheist, you can, some would say, be most effective in your field if you stay exceptionally grounded, detached from superstition and magical thinking. Pressing then the tender tip of the nose daily to the grindstone of The Scientific Method is the order of the day. We must keep the respect of our revered fellows in the Royal Academy. But we all sense that the more you grow in intellect, the more you find yourselves overwhelmed by the vastness of the universe, or rather, the tiny fraction of it that you can perceive and learn. We in fact crave the limitations of the Scientific Method, because it is easy, understandable and undeniably necessary.

Chaos! Random violence and destruction. Galaxies colliding. Incoherence. Suddenly you feel small, smaller than ever. The earth-bound scientist soon learns how LITTLE we actually know. But somehow we keep our sanity. We return to the dream state each night and re-balance our minds. We are re-assured. We persist because we remember our link to Source. In such a seeming universe of disarray where we crave to know the order of things, we manage to keep our sense of self. We crave to be permanent in a sea of temporal discord where things come and go. And yes we would lose ourselves in this vastness were it not for that small voice in the back of our head that tells us we are actually greater than the world we are in. No need to fall apart, you are just a visitor here. We recall the teachings of the ascended masters, the learned ones and the prophets. They say we are allied to the source. They say we are part of the order and the sublime harmony that is behind it all. They say the human soul transcends this universe. Fear not.

Behold the seed. In that green pod is a blueprint for LIFE. A program not unlike a computer program. It knows what it needs and when it finds it, it grows. It breathes. And it reproduces. The very fact that there is a thing called LIFE in the Universe can teach you much about the true order of things. How we ourselves derive from the original order that allows us into this particular corner of the universe, and how Source aims to tame it by introducing us. The Source that seeks to harmonize it. The Source that seeks to introduce LOVE into it.

It is one of the many Universes we are privileged as energetic souls to visit. And we are here, we know, only for a time. Yes we can marvel at the disorder, and the fact that it will take millennia to shape it and mold it, but like all the others, it will be shaped and it will be molded and it will have order and it will have LOVE. If you ever even streamed one solitary tear, then your soul derives from Source.

If you are reading this, then it is your soul that has lured you here. Through the many lives and the many corners of the Universe, your inner talents and experiences have brought you here to participate. Oh, its just another strange and exotic investment. Right..... History has wended its way around in a most convoluted wand tortured way and came to a rest right here. Think you are a small thing in this world. Think again. There is really no need to wonder any longer about our place in this great event, this GESARA we are privileged to participate in. It is no small thing this GESARA. Never minimize it. It is momentous, it is the vortex of a glorious revolution. Try to understand it, please. Read your history, painful as it is. Study the great religions. Try to comprehend the great ascended masters. Take the time.

In fact, it has already been achieved. Economic models you see evolve like everything else. Change of course involves resistance.

Science can be our friend or our enemy. As ever. But ultimately it is God who generates the Science, not Man. Our newly won Science can be death, when abused, but since it derives from Source it is actually LIFE. It is the great test of the Ages. How is the Science to be used. The leader-atavists will not be allowed to forget that the source of the human soul is the source of Science.

When civilization gains this level of Science, our Science of today, we have reached the plateau of intervention.

We know now that there have been many great civilizations on this planet. They have come and they have gone. For it is a world capable to be encased one hundred percent in ice a mile thick at the equator. It is a world that catches comets, the largest fragments of which produce waves two thousand feet high. But the life spawned here from the seed has not yet ended. Through many eras and epochs. Even if it did end, some day in the future a capsule "mailed" from a far far place would once again arrive. It would be full of seeds. Transpermia. God and his closet angels will not be denied.

At the end of each great Earth civilization, there can be the achievement of a level of Science that allows Life to return. That is to say: after the highest expressions of LIFE leave for a while. Gone, while the planet heals and re-balances. So far, the DNA, in various stages of evolution, has not yet died. Altered a little yes, but so far preserved. There will always be a hierarchy of talent and intellect in the universe. And talent and intellect must always bow ultimately to Source. And when it does so, it becomes benevolent and wise. It lauds harmony and beauty and the creative spirit. When it does not bow to Source, baser emotions reign, power is usurped and there is enslavement. In our tiny splash of history, Rome is dead. The feudal system is dead. The colonial era is dead. Science has unfolded and beckons us onward. The age of the computer is upon us. The human genome is known. Satellites circle the earth. A vast electric grid powers up the planet. New inventions, foolishly suppressed, await expression. Time and distance are almost an illusion now. We watch in wonder as marvelous new inventions arrive almost daily. Staggering progress. A blip on the radar screen of Time. And we have seen our progress hijacked. Science has been commandeered. But know this: as Science derives from God, it must emulate God.

And so it is time for political systems and banking systems also to progress. Well ordered, they help bridge the transition of Science for benevolent purposes. But they have not been well ordered. They have been misused. Science which stemmed from Source has been temporarily stolen from us. Our birthright! These antiquated systems are now lagging and deficient. They are rusty cast-iron anchors tied to our necks. The time has come for them to change too. The leader-atavists are fighting it of course. But I claim an imminent victory. That is to say I pray that it is so. And if they have in fact lost, it is because they represent a most venal and corrupt past. We now can emerge from the hypocrisy of an era where we were deceived and manipulated.

Change is the constant in an era of progress. We are no longer going to tolerate enslavement. And we are never going to let it happen again. The central banking/fiat money/debt magnification model is passing away right before our noses. The secret societies and the power brokers of the planet will never be allowed to deceive us again. There will be transparency of government, every single dime, every single loophole. When secrecy is driven from government, then abuse is driven from government. This of course implies that we have truly attained peace. World peace. As has been stated over and over, it is the necessary precursor to GESARA. No small thing, and yet..do we dare to believe it has finally come to us. Hopes and dreams realized. What seemed impossible, is not.

Man can survive when necessary in caves for thousands of years and eat berries, roots and deer meat. We can remain simple minded farmers and masons and carpenters and artisans of all types and we can trade amongst ourselves to our hearts content. We can build carts and wagons. We can grow silk worms and spin the thread. We can build chateux and palaces of large proportions. We can build bridges and dams. We can build forts and castles. We can build weapons of war. We can fund our wars and express our outrage and ire at this or that, time and again. We can enslave those we defeat. We can fight and we can die. Because we feel it. The emotions. The banal desires. The fears. The cravings that plague us. The need to dominate that vibrates at the stem of our brains. Our vigor and our creative selves are transmogrified. The strong earth-elemental urges. They dominate. But that will change.

We are of the earth and of God mutually. What a challenge! And we disgust ourselves thoroughly, over and over, as we have failed for millennia, allowing ourselves to be deceived and disgraced. As we follow the puzzling misguided leader-atavists with their shouts for blood and glory. And the builders see their hard won constructs fall to the ground, victims of one of thousands of destructive paroxysm. And countries see children without fathers and mothers without a bonded provider. And we see people suffer. And we see people are degraded. Are we to forever choose to side with the destroyers among us. And the enslavers. Are we forever to quaver before the strongest and the loudest and the greediest. Are we forever to forget about God when convenient and suffer the ravages of a fear-ridden and dystopic planet.

No. Because we hear a song and something melts away. It is a time of peace in the land. We hear the laughter of children. We watch the flight of birds on the wing and giggle. We talk with friends and nod to consider their ideas. We dance and we play. We study the foam of the ocean spraying on the rocks below, We marvel at the beauty of a sunset or the myriad of stars on a cool clear night in the high country. We find love and we make a home. We play with language and write and write and write. We craft our art and share it. And we spread our small communities, towns and cities all over this great orb. Balanced and carefully managed. Verdant gardens abound, tilled by our hands, bearing the fruit of the good earth. Fountains and streams wash us in their lushness. Mankind thrives and enters this new Golden Age. The horrors and travesties of the past slowly become a distant memory, finding a sad place in the history books. And we continue to progress. We ALWAYS progress. The peace we win will last a thousand years. And even though the world itself cannot last, we know at the soul level that we ourselves endure forever. Moving forward, this is OUR world, shaped by our understanding of Source, blessed by the love of Source.

To avoid the inevitable traumatic collapse of the old model, a great release is coming our way. Carefully crafted and refined by the greatest minds of our day, it will alter the world as we know it. When you finally comprehend this blessing, this mega-shift into mankind's new story; when you actually receive this blessing... just remember what it took to get here. Yes, it is the end of a long period of pernicious enslavement. Yes, it is the end of a type of debt bondage that has crushed so very many souls. And yes it is the end of Scarcity. Science has spoken. The lies and incompetence are falling away. We are now finding the new leaders of this world. and they are to be admired. Play your part well. You are soon to be one of these new leaders. Revel in the joy of Jubilee. Help others to know the end of the modern lie that is Scarcity. While we know that the abundance that Science offers is one key to our freedom, it is merely a glint in the eye of Source. And thus it can be stated that Science and Source must ultimately be merged and reflect the same light. I never thought I would live to see it happen. But it seems it is happening now.

Restive Sage

"Re: The Truth About General Dunford" by Grateful Gal - 10.22.17

Entry Submitted by Grateful Gal at 1:37 PM EDT on October 22, 2017

Anna Von Reitz The Truth About Dunford, Get Ready

I am as perplexed as everyone else after reading this message from Judge Anna. The only thing I know for sure is, I will not be writing to the UN Secretary General to enlist help in solving any problems. From what I know, if one is alarmed at finding a Fox guarding a Henhouse, one does not contact the Fox's Home Office and the Fox's family to notify them that there is a problem, and ask them to solve it.

Anna has additional posts on her website this morning. These are the links below, and I ask everyone to examine the information as soon as possible. I would like to get others readers viewpoints on this matter.




Grateful Gal

"Re: Truth About Dunford" by (Anonymous) - 10.22.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:27 PM EDT on October 22, 2017

Anna Von Reitz The Truth About Dunford, Get Ready

In order for some one to send the message called for by the "cut and pasted article from A. Von Reitz website", document; pdf entitled, Truth About Dunford on a single page, it would have to be well crafted and lay out all the necessary points. Who is in possession of this document? Or who is writing it? Where can it be gathered from? I think many of Us, have the gist, but honestly when I tell it to friends they don't understand and are not convinced.

..If there remains an Official lack of understanding regarding the difference between US and America. Then any parties that could relay message traffic up the chain, would have to have such a document in their possession to send of whatever form.

These Officials are Men and Women, they make mistakes like everybody else. Even when the facts are laid out, changing our individual world view to calibrate and align with the new information is terribly difficult. Everything you may have been once proud of, no longer proud of. Many of the things you loved, no longer love. Many things you have long overlooked, can no longer overlook.

General Kelly's statement about the Congresswoman, clearly shows a merger of ideas between US and America when he talks about Soldiers. When the Corporation that we are so sick of has been dictating policy and ORDERING these Men and Women into fights for their lives where there is NO MORALE STAKE Whatsoever!

Just the fact that so many people are still ATTACHED to the Corporate/Foreign Policy/ WAR Flag, again shows the clear lark of understanding of the Fraud that has been Perpetrated against our Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Aunts & Uncles, Fathers, Mothers, Sisters and Brothers


p.s. many of the bad guys only crime is complicity out of the need for survival, and many of have been guilty of that. It is like these women in the Weinstein scandal, as they come out in numbers it becomes safer and safer for them to speak. And then maybe they can move on to even worse things, since the level of morality is raised by people refusing to be complicit any longer or feeling safe to no longer be complicit, AND MANY OF THESE WILL HELP USHER IN THE NEW CHANGES, GOOD PEOPLE WHO WILL "KNOW FOR SURE," THAT THERE IS SAFETY IN HONESTY AND NON-COMPLICITY


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